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Ben Emmet

Challenging single-track that will spin you in circles if you do not watch close for intersections. Access from the provincial part campground or Gorby Road or Galloway Trails. Challenging uphill rides.

Black Forest

Steep downhill with lots of logs, roots, and steep decents.

Bridge View Connector

Connects the Provincial Park to Sherwoody Forest.

Dem Bones

This is the classic straight up and straight down winding single-track ride, but if you like loops, try it this way.

Fernie Power

Follow a jeep road from Fairy Creek to Island Lake Property. Some very brutal climbs. You will pass by several single-track descents along the way.

Gorby Doubletrack

Long climb on a jeep road to Fernie Alpine Resort. Merges with Cedar Trail at the resort. Takes you to the top of good single-track descents.

Happy Gilmar

Single-track descents from the ski area into Sherwoody Forest. Old Goats, Mega hurtz and Snake Bite (steep) are good uphill route alternatives to the Gorby road climb.


A great freeride trail on Mount Fernie. Gap jumps, log rides, ladders, and drops with a mix of single track and berms. Full gear is recommended. This trail can be lapped numerous times in connection with a 4x4 road.

Island Lake Lodge

Back in the early days of mountain biking in the Elk Valley, a trip to Island Lake Lodge was one of the major highlights. Riding switchbacks through the majestic old cedar forest takes you into a picturesque setting where a small alpine lake sits nestled below the towering Lizard Range. It’s like taking a two-hour vacation from reality. So close to home, yet so far away.

Lactic Ridge

Great single-track on south facing slopes. Rewarding views. Difficult uphill climb, challenging descent. Climb the Moccasin for great downhill.

Mega Hurtz

A grueling uphill and also fun downhill.


A brutal 4x4 road with relentless uphill to the Fernie Mountain hiking trail. The descent down Lactic Ridge, Mushroom Head, & Dem Bones makes it almost worthwhile. Difficult up and down. Choose a cooler day for this ride.

Mushroom Head

Nice single track that connects Fernie Power to Dem Bones.

Old Goats

Challenging but rewarding uphill sprint and high speed decent.

Project 9

Not for the timid. Big stunts for big bikes. Body armour recommended.

Sherwoody Forest

Pleasent spin through the forest. Slippery when wet.

Snake Bite

Very challenging uphill for most and twisty flowing downhill. Moderate drops.


Granny gear single-track behind the park shed. Steady climb to the power-line. Miserable when wet. Makes nice round trip down Dem Bones.


Lung challenging uphill.


Easy road climb to the power-line, then an increasingly steep climb until your legs or brain tell you to quit. The names say it all. Difficult bike push to scenic view point and definitely death defying down from the very top.

Verbotener Wald

Fast, twisty downhill descents from View Trail to Gorby Doubletrack. Snake Bite is a climbing alternative for strong riders.



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