Mountain biking is a great sport that is very popular in Canada. Canada has many beautiful biking trails in various regions.

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Our site’s main objective is to provide our readers with interesting and useful knowledge regarding mountain biking in Canada. We have included many topics that you should find helpful. Our topics include:

  • Best Mountain Biking Trails in Canada.
  • Styles of Bikes.
  • Mountain Bike Racing in Canada.
  • Mountain Bike Trail Features.
  • Mountain Biking Clothing and Equipment.
  • Mountain Biking Pads, Armour and Helmets.
  • Great Tips For Buying Your First Mountain Bike.
  • Searching For a Second-Hand Mountain Bike.

The information contained in our blog focuses on mountain biking and provides some great tips on some beautiful trails, protective clothing and equipment you should use, the different styles of mountain biking, and what to look for when you are purchasing a new or used mountain bike.

Helpful Information

We hope the information we have provided in our blog is useful to both new and experienced mountain bike riders. Mountain biking is one of the best ways to stay fit and experience the beautiful scenery that Canada has to offer. Canada has some of the best trails in the world and hosts events which attract riders from many countries.

Famous Canadian Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking can lead to great competitions and championships. The famous Canadian mountain bikers listed below are the perfect example of what you can achieve with a lot of practice and hard work:

  • Catharine Pendrel.
  • Steve Smith.
  • Brandon Semenuk.
  • Emily Batty.
  • Miranda Miller.
  • Finn Iles.
  • Brett Rheeder.
  • Kurt Sorge.
  • Geoff Kabush.
  • Jesse Melamed.

As you can see, the sport of mountain biking can be enjoyed by both men and women of various ages. You can read some articles about these famous competitive mountain bikers which may provide you with the incentive to compete in this great sport.