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Al Matador

The Al Matador is the answer to every down-hiller's dream, offering an incredible 4,000 feet of steep single track. This relentless downhill starts at Fernie's glider launch, beside the microwave tower on Morrissey Ridge, and ends at the valley floor on Cokato Road. It's an epic ride.

Beer Run

Ladder, drops, nice man-made features. This is a short but sweet trail and fits perfect for that evening ride. Beer is optional but body armour is recommended.


An original Fernie single track. Roller Coaster ride with short climbs.

Roots Extension

Continous climbing with a rewarding view piont over looking the valley.

Roots Hyperextension

Continous climb and push to the flank of Castle Mountain. A 2000ft vertical decent of tight switchbacks and flowing single track.

Three Kings

An extension from Al Matador is Three Kings. Well built natural log rides, ladders, gap jumps, berms. Don't miss this one. Single track around all structures for beginners.



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