Some riders may choose to look for a second-hand mountain bike when they are on a budget or just prefer not to pay full retail prices.

Surfing the Internet

The internet is a great place to look for amazing deals on mountain bikes. There are several buy and sell sites like Kijiji, Varagesale, Letgo and Facebook Marketplace. The ads on these sites are posted by people selling their goods and, most often, at excellent prices. For example, on Kijiji, there currently is a mountain bike ad for a GT HCR 2000 full suspension with an elliptical front sprocket. This is a mountain bike for serious riders for $475.00. The great thing about these buy and sell sites is you can search for items in your local area. You can also barter with sellers to get an even better price on the bike.

Commercial Ads

When you are searching the internet for a second-hand mountain bike, most often you will see commercial ads as well. Sometimes you can purchase a brand new bike at a sale price as well.

Second-Hand Mountain Bikes for Beginners

If you are new to mountain biking, you may not want to spend the money to purchase a brand new mountain bike. Mountain bikes can be very expensive, and when you are learning new skills, you don’t want to damage a good bike. This is why it makes sense to purchase a second-hand bike when you are just starting out with mountain biking.

Tips for Buy and Sell Sites

When you are using buy and sell sites to purchase a mountain bike, always exercise caution. Ask many questions about the condition and quality of the bike. When you go to pick up the bike, take someone with you and ask if you can test the bike out to ensure it is the right size for you. Pay cash once you have received the bike, never pay in advance online.