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FMBC’s Rain Guide

The temptation to ride when trails are wet is BIG, doing so
will not only cause premature trail erosion, potentially permanently closing
trails, but will cause energy and precious cash to be spent on trails to only
be maintained not improved. Basically STAY OFF WET trails, stay at home read
a book, bake your wife cookies, resist the temptation please stay off the wet

As a general rule. If the pavement is wet, or even has wet spots. DONT RIDE
ANY TRAILS. Then, after it has stopped raining there are certain trails to
avoid for longer periods than others. They are:

Stove Trail
Lower Red Sonja
Phat Bastard
Erics Trail
Bridgeview connector/Sherwoody
Black Forest
Eco Terrorist
Splitting Bears
Red Sonja
Coal Discovery
and more !

For those of us that live in Fernie, remember that we are lucky enough to
live in a place where we have world class singletrack is in our backyard. By
not riding in the wet weather you only help yourself by sustaining a valuable
community resource.


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