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“Big Money” can be yours…

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

The trail that many of us of have waiting for is finished and riding well. Big Money has been billed as a trail for everyone, a single-track downhill alternative from the “Bear Chutes” climb in Ridgemont, that is not as extreme as the Watering Hole – and it fits the bill. Everyone, is a very subjective term however – “Big Money” is not a beginner trail.


Expect a 2500 foot downhill with steeps, lots of nice berms, switchbacks and overall solid construction. The trail follows some old lines and ridges, a nice creek, and dumps out on the Hosmer forestry road about 700 meters from the Coal Discover Trail (CDT). Either will route will take you back into Fernie. For extra single-track from the CDT take the first left onto “Little Chainring Big Trouble”, connect to “R” trail and finish with “Oh Deer”.

Overall “Big Money” is Fernie’s best big mountain loop and can be ridden in under 4 hours.


I have to comment on the name, “Big Money”. The story goes that one of the trail builders drove his GM Tracker up Bear Chutes to transport workers and tools and on the decent tipped over the ridge. Luckily the vehicle arrested on a tree and didn’t careen down the mountain side. “Big Money” came from the insurance payout – apparently thousands more than originally paid for the vehicle.

Thanks to the trail builders for the great effort and good vision.