There are many features mountain bikers should familiarize themselves with. There is also a lot of mountain biking jargon to learn.

Mountain Biking Trail Jargon

It is good to know all the features on a trail and what they mean. This makes mountain biking a much safer sport. Here are some examples:


The term rolldown refers to an area on the trail that significantly drops down, but you can still roll down this area with both wheels safely on the ground. Many biking trails have rolldown areas.


For experienced advanced riders, this trail feature has a take-off and a landing, which is essentially a jump. The ground between the take-off and the landing has been dug out, so riders must jump.


The term switchbacks refer to an area of the trail that has a tight corner turn of 180 degrees. Caution must be exercised when taking these corners.


The term berm refers to corners on the track which are built upon the outer edge of the corner higher than the inside of the corner. The Yukon Adventure in Canada has plenty of these to experience.


A drop refers to areas on the trail that sharply fall away, and you cannot roll the bike down. Riders, in this case, must have enough speed to safely land with both wheels at the same time.

Step Ups

A step-up can be referred to as a fallen tree, obstacle and even a large rock in the center of the trail. Riders must use their front and rear wheel lifting techniques to navigate the obstacle.

Flat Cornering

The term flat cornering simply refers to normal corners. Proper weighting of the bike is required to meet this trail feature.

Drainage Ditches

This term speaks for itself. Drainage ditches appear on trails, so they don’t become flooded. Riders must use their front and rear tire lift skills for this trail feature.