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Bike Park

In a world of its own, Fernie Alpine Resort is becoming the hot spot for the free-riding, downhill crowd. With the Elk Quad running daily all summer, there’s no need to ride a thirty-five plus pound bike uphill. Load your bike onto the chair and enjoy the relaxing ride up—all the while psyching yourself for the downhill about to come. With the chairs running until 5:00 p.m. during the week, you’ll often see locals rushing up after work for a quick downhill jaunt.

The trail crews at FAR have been busy maintaining old trails, building new trails and adding obstacles and bridges to keep things interesting. The trails are all well marked with signs and rated for beginner to expert, so it leaves riding for everyone.

If North Shore-style riding is your thing then you won’t be disappointed at FAR. Trails such as Kodiak Karnage and Ary-Al Assault will test your abilities with a series of drops and gnarly descents.

While FAR has trails to keep the experts happy, it’s also an excellent place to take the family or newbees to the cycling world. The chair-ride up offers wonderful views of the valley and eliminates the gut wrenching climbs that turn so many people off of this sport. Once off the chair, there are many routes that won’t strike terror into the hearts of your loved ones. A great way down is to take the Boom Trail across to Cedar Bowl and then follow Cedar Trail back to the base. This trail network winds across the mountainside and offers incredible views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. If you time it right, you’ll also leave with a big purple grin from ear to ear from devouring the big, juicy huckleberries that grow all across the mountain.



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