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Bear Chutes

A continuous steep climb on a deactivated jeep road. Great views and worth it for the descent (choose a cooler day.) Most people call this a hiking trip. It provides access to Board Stiff and the Watering Hole.

Board Stiff

A very steep single track. Requires good brakes and armour.

Bridget Funda

Big tricks for those who dare.

Broken Derailleur

Side hills and rolling, challenging terrain. Uni-directional.

Cemetery By-pass

This trail by-passes the cemetary to access Ridgemont via What's Up Doc.

Coal Creek Heritage Trail

This is a great trail for families or novice cyclists because the grade is relatively easy. This trail has historic value because it follows the original road grade into the former townsite of Coal Creek.


Side hills and rolling, challenging terrain. Uni-directional.


Best single-track climb to the Ridgemont clear-cut trail system. Uni-directional riding. Challenging riding up, moderate down.

Eric's Trail

Classic old school single track that can be ridden either up or down.


NIce stunts for the beginner rider. Drops, ladders and leeder todder.

Ich Bin Sofa

Wickedly Fun. Great single-track. Best for descents back to town. Good up-hill grunts for strong riders. Ride back to town along the power-line road, or drop down to the golf course trail and along the Elk River.

Kids Stuff

Classic freeride with jumps, log rides, and ladders.

Little Chainring Big Trouble

Nice technical spin in the forest. Tricks for the kids, short walks for the old-timers. Lots of log hopping. Body armour is recommended if you do all the tricks.

Oh Dear

Classic downhill with steeps and roots.

Porkupine Rim

This trail is not for the faint of heart or down-hillers to lazy to pedal a few km's. It drops 4000plus feet on a steep alpine ridge into a 10km winding single track back to Fernie. Ride time is anywhere from four to six hours depending on pace.


Single track that links into Ridgemont trail system.

Split Decision

Classic single-track in the woods. Difficult ride up followed by challenging descents with some tricky corners.

Splitting Bears

Classic single track.

Watering Hole

A very steep ride with manditory drops. For the adventurous only.

What's Up Doc

Single track climb to Ridgemont Road.



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