We hope the information we have provided in our blog on mountain biking will inspire those who are interested in the subject.

Our Objective

A popular form of outdoor exercise is mountain biking. Our objective is to provide awareness and information to our readers about mountain biking in Canada. This is an off-road sport that requires a great deal of strength and endurance when riding either as a downhill or all-mountain rider. Riders can experience different off-road terrains such as back-country roads, trails, singletrack trails, wider bike park trails and advanced trails. Cross-country style riders generally enjoy simple climbs and descents without the skills required on some trails. The only mountain biking discipline that is included in the Summer Olympic Games is cross-country mountain biking. Our blog provides current, helpful information that may assist our readers by providing free value on the topic of mountain biking. We hope all our readers enjoy the content in this blog.

Staying Fit

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been forced to stay home and become less physically active. Mountain biking is a great way to keep fit. The sport of mountain biking doesn’t always have to be competitive. Many riders can enjoy cross-country trails in many places in Canada. Mountain biking can be a great stress reliever, especially in trying times, such as with the present pandemic. Once you have purchased your bike, either brand new or second hand, there are minimal costs associated with this leisure activity. Social distancing is very easy to establish when biking.